St. Philip Supports Forwarding Faith

Virginia Synod Office

The Virginia Synod is known for its youth and faith formation ministry. We do this year round through our youth events, our Ambassadors Community for Theological Study (ACTS) program, and July’s Power in the Spirit annual gathering. Because of youth and other faith formation events, generations of leaders in the Synod and across the Church have been brought up to know and love God in Jesus Christ. We are a synod declaring faith from generation to generation.

ForwardingFaith is intended to provide permanent funding for these important ministries. As the landscape of being Church in America continues to change, we want to make certain that the work of providing youth ministry and faith formation to our members continues with excellence into the long-term future.

St. Philip has a strong history of participation in synod sponsored events and participated in the campaign in February. With joy and thanksgiving, we celebrate the results of ForwardingFaith at St. Philip. Our campaign chair Sarah Parker shared the following quotation with the Virginia Synod:

“We were fortunate to have two large donations that helped us hit our mark, but we also had an incredible engagement across our congregation with monthly donations ranging from $3 to $100. Amazing….We actually almost doubled our goal. Our original goal was $25,000 and our final number was $43,452.00″

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