Love, Feed, Serve is not slogan; it is mission, it is purpose, and it is identity. St. Philip is an active community of faith, compelled by God’s love as a gift too grand to hoard.


Love, Feed, Serve is not slogan; it is mission, it is purpose, and it is identity. St. Philip is an active community of faith, compelled by God’s grand gift of love to share that same love with others.  We are intent upon sharing grace with local community through ministries like Elijah’s Backpack, Feast at Philips, Witnessing Paws, Community Day of Service, St. Philip Preschool, food drives for food pantry, meeting space for local organizations, and more. We are equally enthused about ministry across the state, the country and the world through ministries like the American Red Cross blood drives, global partnerships in Malawi, Africa, and more. In order to truly love, feed, and serve, St. Philip purposefully engages in ministry to LIVE LIKE THAT.

Family Ministry

Family Ministry provides families of St. Philip with opportunities for fellowship, for fun, resources for teaching the faith, and for service. While Family Ministry primarily consists of families with young children, all families of St. Philip and the community are welcome. Throughout the year there are specific events geared toward children including:  Advent wreath construction around the Thanksgiving holiday, the Christmas Pageant on Christmas Eve, the annual Easter egg hunt, and collecting change to support our friends in Malawi.  Additionally, families are invited to take advantage of weekly email resources for talking about the faith at home, our children’s resource table located in the gathering area, and of course our Faith Formation gathering for youth aged preschool to 5th grade on Sunday mornings, hosted by Pastor David.  Regularly check the St. Philip newsletter for dates and times.

Elijah’s Backpack

Many families struggle to eat healthy meals and snacks every day. Elijah’s Backpack, a free community ministry sponsored by St. Philip Lutheran Church in Roanoke, Virginia, helps families eat more healthy meals and snacks through their local elementary school.

Each Friday afternoon elementary school children receive a pack of healthy food and snacks in their backpacks. Elijah’s Backpack may include the following items: cereal, breakfast bars, oatmeal, juice, tuna kits, macaroni and cheese, peanut butter crackers, soup, apple sauce, fruit cups, ravioli, vegetables, milk, and other nutritious food.

Global Missions

The global missions team seeks to promote peace, justice, and care of creation through congregational support of missions at home and abroad. We will educate congregation members about the diverse needs of the community to which we all belong. We as Christians wish to share the many blessings that God has so graciously given. 

Our current mission partner is Malawi, Africa. We are active in our partnership with the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Malawi.

Minnick Schools Learning Site

St. Philip partners with Lutheran Family Services’ Minnick Schools to provide a place for students with special needs to practice life and work skills that might connect them to careers in the mainstream culture.  On any given week, 5 to eight teenagers and young adults disperse throughout the St. Philip facility to move tables, stack chairs, vacuum carpets, and other much needed tasks.

Grocery Bag Ministry

The need at St. Mark’s Lutheran Food Pantry continues to grow. They need our help to restock their pantry.  The food items needed are all Paper products, canned fruit, & canned vegetables. You may make a check to St. Mark’s or give cash if you don’t have time to shop, leave it on the secretary’s desk. St. Mark will mail you a receipt.

Day of Service

Look for the yellow shirts with the tag line – God’s work.  Our hands.  Each fall a crew from St. Philip connects with a local organization to provide the people power for projects that might enhance the ministry of the organization.

Witnessing Paws

We have gone to the dogs.  St. Philip serves as a training site for Pet Therapy teams.  You will see many of our teams in hospitals, nursing homes, schools, anywhere and everywhere that people might benefit from the unconditional love of a trained therapy team.  Miracles of compassion, healing and wholeness truly take place.