Congregational Life Youth Ministry

ELCA Youth Gathering – Day 1

A message from Drew Derrick and Nick Muir. Be sure to follow live streaming of the ELCA Youth Gathering at

Today has been a very fun and eventful day. This morning was full of sleep and conversation of the week ahead. In the afternoon, for lunch, our group went into the tunnels underneath the city. Most buildings in downtown Houston are connected to these tunnels, so no matter where we are, even if we got lost, we could use the tunnel. Luckily, this tunnel was connected to our hotel, so there was easy access. After eating, we took a train to the NRG arena for games and activities. After these fun few hours, we went to the NRG Stadium for our main gathering. We heard from speakers Tuhina Rasche and Bryan Stevenson, who both spoke about Gods acceptance of everyone and the justice God brings to those oppressed. We also sang songs like This Little Light of Mine in several languages and I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For by U2. Finally, we returned to our hotel and talked about our lows and highs of the day, then headed off to sleep to prepare for another wonderful day at the ELCA National Youth Gathering!

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