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ELCA Youth Gathering

This summer, St. Philip sends 9 youth and Pastor David to the National Youth Gathering in Houston, Texas where they will join with over 30,000 others from around the country. This will be a great faith-filled, fun-filled week (June 26- July 2) as children of God called to serve with compassion, energy, and excitement.

Ultimately, St. Philip wants youth to understand the fierce love that God has for them, just as they are, and that by grace, through faith, they have been saved. When young people (or really any age person!) truly claim this reality, it indeed changes everything.

As the Gathering approaches please pray for our St. Philip group.

Other Summer Youth Events

Regular youth group will pause for the summer. Check out these youth events for summer fun!!


  • 4th (3:30-6pm) – Launching Pad
  • 8th – 10th (Fri – Sun) – Youth Assembly; at Roanoke College


  • 29th (4:30-7pm) – Pool Party at the Radtkes!!

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