Thrivent Financial Programs Update

Reminder to direct any remaining 2019 Choice Dollars. If you are eligible to direct Choice Dollars based on your insurance premiums or contract values, you have until March 31st to direct any remaining 2019 Choice Dollars. Over 40,000 churches and non-profits have been recommended by a member and enrolled in this program, including St Philip. Log on to or speak to Financial Consultant Max Holland if you have any questions.

Help Out With Your Action Teams. If you are a Thrivent member, please consider touching base with St. Philip’s Action Team Committee (Pastor David, Pastor Laura, team leader Maribeth Schermer, Donna Spradlin, or Max Holland). The committee can help you use your Action Teams to support ministry at St Philip. You can lead an Action Team project, or be a Team member by applying for an Action Team. Benefit Members can apply for two Action Teams each year, and Associate Members can apply for one each year.

Thrivent Financial Membership. Become a Thrivent Benefit Member by purchasing a qualifying Thrivent insurance or annuity product. Or you can become an Associate Member by paying an annual fee of  $19.95, or purchasing a product from a Thrivent subsidiary (such as Thrivent Mutual Funds), or joining the Thrivent Federal Credit Union. For more information on Member Benefits, go to or speak to Financial Consultant Max Holland.