Council Notes

Thank You for Your Generosity

It is so important to say thank you. St. Philip is a community that practices generosity. That generosity takes shape in so many ways. Thank you. As we celebrate that generosity know that we are always hopeful for expanding the ways we live out mission and ministry. Please prayerfully consider making an additional gift as the calendar year comes to a close.

We are active in so many ways, but know that for Christ’s sake there is always more we might do. Remember that gifts made through December 31st count as charitable donations for the year 2017. You can also be creative in your giving


  1. Consider increasing your offering so that we finish the year in a strong financial position. If 80 St. Philip families gave just an additional $100 between now and the end of the year, we would cancel that deficit and finish in the black. Your pastors are committed to making that additional contribution and invite you to do the same.
  2. Giving stock. Pay no tax on capital gains when donating stock to a church.
  3. Visiting the St. Philip website and set up a regular gift to ministry of St. Philip electronically.

*  please speak with your accountant or tax advisor for details concerning charitable gifts.

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