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State of the Parish

Pastor David and Sue Huntington, Council President

Ministry is alive at St. Philip! We are planning and praying, discerning and discovering the best possible ways for ministry to continue in great ways but also grow and be strengthened. Your St. Philip leadership is dedicated to empowering our ministry together as we work toward staffing the ministry we live in the most effective ways. We also are committed to communicate well as these processes and conversations unfold.

Where are we now? Because this community of faith is exceptionally gifted and has admirably stepped into ministry gaps so much continues. Over 20 people have either added new responsibilities in areas where they currently serve or have taken on completely new tasks. They are too many to name specifically, but I am most grateful.

We also are utilizing the talents of our Office Administrator Laura Latham and new Volunteer Coordinator Kelly Truax. Laura is helping to organize ministry including ensuring that communication happens through multiple platforms, scheduling ongoing activities, as well as additional responsibilities in preparation for worship. Kelly is connecting people to ministry with a current focus on planning family faith formation and intergenerational faith formation.

What’s next? Your St. Philip church council is putting together a survey to gather input from the congregation.  The hope is to get feedback that considers two differing aspects for faithfully staffing ministry into the future. We will need your help: Share with us the best ways to communicate with you and hear your input. Please also make plans to be present at an open forum conversation on Sunday, March 18 at 10am to ask questions, make comments, and engage in dialogue about what is next for St. Philip.

Determining what is our collective priority as we think about not just getting stuff done but also what helps us best live like Christ through our church community (Hear echoes of our tag line “Live Like ꝉhat) To stir your thoughts, your leadership at St. Philip would share with you the following breakdown of at least some of the possibilities.

Staffing Strategy Pros Cons
Call new, part time Associate Pastor Regular preaching/leading worship support. Provide pastoral presence at ministry activities. Nationwide shortage and locally several long term pastoral vacancies. Could be cost prohibitive.
Invite a seminary intern Opportunity to give a pastor-in- training invaluable experience.

Preaching/Leading worship support.

1 year only. May require more or less work to mentor depending on candidate.
Hire Administrative Support Targets specific needs – e.g. volunteer recruitment, marketing expertise, organizing skills. Narrower scope

Please know that St. Philip church council sees this time as an exciting one to ensure St. Philip continues to be a fantastic community of faith for years to come.

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