Congregational Life Music Ministry

Sounds of Worship 

Judy Burnette

When people think about music instruments used during worship, their thoughts most often turn to the piano and organ. Gradually, acoustic guitars were added as well as drums and tambourines. Church music has continued to evolve using a wide variety of instruments (electric guitars, drum sets, synthesizers) as well as many styles of music. Churches still use organs and pianos, but many have orchestras or “rock” bands.

At St. Philip, we do not have an orchestra, but we are blessed to have many talented people who share their gifts of music by giving us the opportunity to have a wonderful band. We also have those who play other instruments to enhance our worship. Recently our service was a “Celebration of Diversity.” We sang songs from different countries and used a drum ensemble, tambourine, shakers and claves in the accompaniment to enhance the spirit of the music. This may be new for some, but hopefully these are musical sounds that touch your heart.

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