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Reflections from St. Philip Preschool Director

Danielle Murray 

While I sit here and sip my coffee, thinking about things happening in my life and my friends lives, I look up my students playing happily in the “running room.” The realization hits me. In just a few short years they will be dealing with so many of the same issues.

Broken relationships

Financial worries

Daily parenting struggles

Health issues

It’s a good reminder for me. This short time I have with each of them is invaluable. I get to remind them to look for the positives. I get to teach them about their rights as a human. I get to teach them about respect and their emotions and how to make the two work together. I get to choose to tell them when I’m having a hard day so their hard days don’t seem so foreign but just a different type of day.

It’s a good day to spend with a classroom full of preschoolers.

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