Protocols for Restroom Visits during Drive Up Worship

We are excited to be back at St. Philip for worship even if that is in the parking lot!  We miss you and care about every single one of you. Our plan is to worship in the safest way possible and our preparedness team is trying hard to think through logistics with that goal in mind. As you come for drive-in worship it is of course best for you to have used the bathroom at home before arriving, BUT if you need to use the bathroom at St. Philip we would ask you to follow the directions below:

  1. Please use the door at the side of the church under the portico.  As you enter, we are encouraging people to use the automatic door opening button by pushing it with your elbow.
  2. Use the hand sanitizer immediately inside the church building then proceed straight to the bathroom.
  3. When finished in the bathroom, wash your hands, as well as using a sanitizing wipe to clean the toilet handle. Take the sanitizing wipe with you to exit the bathroom using it to open the bathroom door and dispose of the wipe in the trash outside each bathroom.
  4. As you exit the building, again use the automatic door opener by pushing it with your elbow.

We know these protocols add steps to everyday processes, but it is important that we protect others. We truly appreciate your participation as we seek to put safeguards in place.