Open Doors – Digital Worship Experience

Open Doors has lift off! On January 8 St. Philip launched an interactive digital worship experience. It was a grand experience both for us as hosts and those who participated. One participant was a neighbor close by whose church home is some distance away. We were reminded of the incredible accessibility of this format.

Our mission together as disciples is to proclaim the good news of Jesus Christ to the world. The digital worship service is a recording of our Sunday worship service in an online interactive online format. Pastor Laura and Pastor David will host a chat for faith conversation and answer prayer requests as viewers converse and worship together.

Research suggests that a significant portion of the population is either apathetic to Christianity and practices of faith or even distrustful about conversation with people of faith about the faith.

YOU CAN HELP! We very much want to explore every avenue possible to publicize Open Doors. You can share the Facebook Event that communicates the next service. You can direct co-workers or acquaintances who are not quite sure about church or Christianity by directing them to the St. Philip website. You can send an email with the link below and an invitation to come and see. The service can be accessed at