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ELCA Youth Gathering – Final Wrap Up

From Pastor David

We have returned safe and sound from Houston and the ELCA National Youth Gathering. It was a fabulous week that combined great fun, wonderful fellowship, and growing faith. The theme “This Changes Everything” constantly focused our attention on how God’s call, grace, and hope shapes everything we do.

Please take time over the next several weeks to ask our youth (Jacob Schult, Griffin Horacek, Bradley Craig, Clara Johnston, Reece Derrick, Justin Craig, Nick Muir, and Drew Derrick) about their experience. We will try to have a presentation for the congregation later in the summer.

For me just a few of the nuggets from a fantastic week:

  1. I was reminded over and over that it is by God’s grace that we are saved and that changes us.  It was worth being reminded of this absolute truth.
  2. Youth are inspiring.  They think clearly.  They love openly.  They believe deeply.  St. Philip’s youth were all of these things.
  3. Many of our event speakers shared stories that were eye opening and direct.  I hope that we can continue to have helpful conversation about things often avoided.  And I hope that those conversations will always be shaped by our identity formed by relationship with Christ Jesus.

Thank you St. Philip for your support, your prayers, and for our shared proclamation of Jesus promises.

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