Congregational Feedback Regarding In-Person In-Door Worship

Wonderful St. Philippians:

The St Philip Covid Preparedness Team is seeking your input. As you know, currently we have weekly online worship as well as our recently initiated monthly drive-in worship with communion.  As we make plans for how worship and fellowship can continue to happen in our congregation, we would like to know how you feel about returning to some type of in-person worship in the sanctuary.

We are asking you to take a moment and complete a very brief online survey, but first please be aware of some specifics of what resuming indoor worship in the sanctuary would look like:

  • Based on calculations of 6-foot distancing in our sanctuary space, only 36 worshippers could attend a given service.
  • Masks would be required at all times when inside the church building, except for brief removal when taking communion.
  • The service would have NO SINGING due to the increased risk of transmission of the coronavirus that accompanies singing in an indoor space. There may be some instrumental music, but no singing of hymns or liturgy.
  • There would be no physical contact between congregants and pastors or amongst congregants.  This includes shaking hands, hugs, or any other forms of physical greeting during arrival at the church, passing of the peace, and departing the church after worship.
  • Communion would be offered, but in a format that minimizes physical contact between pastors and congregants.
  • The nursery would not be available.
  • Let’s Café would not be held after service.

Given this information, please click this link to complete the 2-question survey:

The Covid Preparedness Team will use your responses as we continue to discern the safest path forward for St. Philip. Thank you so much in advance for your participation, and we hope to see many of you at the “Congregational Picnic—pandemic style” on July 11th! (see July newsletter for details)

From the St Philip Covid Preparedness Team:  Marlene Craig, Dan Horine, Shannon Radmacher, Nancy Shadix, Donna Wright, Pastor David, Pastor Laura