Thrivent Action Teams


Thrivent Action Teams make it easy for you to bring people together to make a positive change in your community! When you see a need, apply to lead a volunteer team — and once your idea is approve, a Thrivent Action Kit is delivered to your door. It’s packed with everything you need to help make your project a success. It even includes $250 in seed money to help get your project started.


Involve others: Form a team of volunteers to help you with your project.

Think “seed money,” not “gift” or “grant”: Use it to help kick-start your project.

Share your success: Share your stories, photos and volunteer team info with us after your event.

Click here to apply if you are a Thrivent member!

If you are not a Thrivent member, you can still help! Your ideas, time and talent can help St. Philip make the most of Thrivent Action Team potential!

For more information, contact our Thrivent Action Team Chair Maribeth Shermer.