St. Philip Preschool

St. Philip Preschool will not open in the fall of 2020 and will remain closed for the 2020-2021 academic year.
Read the communication regarding the decision below.

St. Philip Preschool (founded in 1964)

St. Philip Preschool has been a passion for the congregation for over 50 years. It is a part of who we are and how neighborhoods and churches are always tied together.

Jesus says, “Let the little children come to me.” We love kids!

“Our goal is to turn ‘a child should be seen and not heard’ on its head!” says Danielle Murray, former preschool director. “Each child is an integral stakeholder in the world we live in, and our mission is to empower them with the knowledge that their words, ideas, fellowship and beliefs matter — and that they matter to their Creator. Each child is encouraged to develop their worldview in a way that is both empathetic and responsible — in addition to learning academics and social/emotional skills. Our staff strives to be tour guides in the child’s learning while providing a safe and appropriate space for the child to explore, learn and grow.”

A part of our mission at St. Philip is to provide multiple opportunities to do just that. Some of those opportunities happen on Sunday, but they also happen through the week through the ministry of our St. Philip preschool.

Our school is child directed and play based, according to current developmentally appropriate practices. We focus on both social/emotional development AND academics to help prepare our students for their time in a larger classroom environment.

Hours: 9:00am-12:00pm Monday- Friday

*Early Drop off and Lunch Bunch are available upon request*

Classes are offered for children 2.5 through Pre Kindergarten

Curriculum: Learn Every Day Curriculum 


  • 5 days per week: $145/month
  • 3 days per week: $130/month
  • 2 days per week: $110/month
  • 1 day per week: $65/month

For information about St. Philip Preschool, please contact:
or (540) 300-2919